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The Author, Mr. P. Kandasubbu, holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering. He hails from a humble family background and received his primary education at T.D.T.A. Higher Secondary School in Christianagarm, Udangudi, Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu, India. After completing his Pre-University studies at St. Xavier's College in Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, he pursued his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Engineering at Annamalai University in Annamalai Nagar (Near Chidambaram), Tamil Nadu.

At the age of 79, Mr. Kandasubbu is immensely grateful to his school teachers who played a pivotal role in providing him with a strong foundation in education. Notably, he cherishes the memory of three exceptional teachers who guided and inspired him throughout his academic journey:

  • Mr. Thalavai (Tamil Teacher)
  • Mr. Arputhamani (Mathematics Teacher)
  • Mr. George Thomas (Social Studies Teacher)

Their influence has left an indelible mark on Mr. Kandasubbu's life and academic pursuits.

There are many civil engineering projects to his credit. His research attitude helped him to develop Two Environmental based Inventions for which he has received Patents (Patent Number 160674 and 166923). These patents have approvals by Government of India.

His research attitude to explore the science of Astrological Themes helped him and the Science Based ASTROLOGICAL BOOKS are the outcome of his long standing research works in astrological subjects. His findings are published in the books. He claims that Astrology is the source for all developments of world phenomena. He sees that Astrology is the basis for the development of the spiritual field and spiritual world helped to develop civilisation of the human. His view is that the astrology is structured in a scientific way and the astrological findings are taken up to the society by means of Vedas and Ethical stories of all Religions.

Astrology is not guiding to utilise human weakness of the society, but, helping to develop civilised society. Science is a follow up development as and when the civilised human tried to explore reasons for the unknown evolution theories. The author concludes that the research works and discoveries of our present period would end with the results that are already reported in astrological texts.