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It is astonishing to think about the Universe and its creations! Spreaded with unmeasurable boundaries, the Universe is filled with Positive and Negative cosmic rays. These high gravity energies are yet to be fully known and many aspects of them are still now undetectable to Astronomical Scientists, but broadly understood that these energies are in circulation in the atmosphere without break.

The principle of astrology is that all objects of this Universe are formed as part of the positive and negative energies. They are been controlled by the unique high gravity universal force. This unique energy is known as Eternal or Super Natural Power and prayed as “GOD”. The origin of the beginning or the end period of this Super Natural Power cannot be determined. All formed objects of the Universe are either destroyed or transformed into another object but this Super Natural Power cannot be destroyed by any means. The unique permanent existence of the Super Natural Power is quoted in Hindu Religion as “SANATHAM”. Worshipping the Super Natural Power is meant as “SANATHANA DHARMA”.

The Sun and its associated planets are part of the universal products. They are named as “Solar System“. The Eternal power is controlling the solar system and the gravitational force of Sun is keeping the planets in its control. The planets along with their satellite planets are orbiting the Sun at their specified paths.

The Sun receives the power from the Universal Energy and transmits to its solar group. All planets of the solar system are thus receiving the radiation power of the Sun and they reflect their powers. The Sun’s power and the reflected powers of each planet are received by other planets. The radiating powers of Sun and planets thus received are in circulation on earthen atmosphere without break.

The Earth is a very small planet of the Universe and it is associated with the solar group. It has a unique satellite planet called “Moon“ and Moon is orbiting around the Earth under the gravitational influence of the Earth.

The transit path of Earth, especially of its location, is unique in the solar system. The circulating energy rays of the Sun and planets are received on Earth. The combined effects of them are forming five elements on Earth. They are “Fire, Water, Air, land and Atmospheric zone“. These elements are known as “Panchapootha“ in Astrological terms.

It is discovered that the Panchapootha are informed as the sources for the formation of the body components of a living creature on Earth. There are different types of creatures living in different environments. They either live on land or at water or in air. The needed quantum of panchapootha elements by the different creatures are differing. Astrology defines that a balanced required panchapootha elements keeps for the smooth living of the creatures in different environments.

Astrology defines that the soul of a living creature on Earth is a power component of the Universal energy and it is received from the Sun’s rays. The Moon provides energy for mind activity. The soul in Combination with the panchapootha elements is activating to provide life to the living creature. A balanced panchapootha effect reacts and aids for the development of the body organs for smooth growth of the creature.

As of now, it is known that the creatures are living only on Earth alone. Research findings are not available yet to prove evidences of living creatures in any other universal planets. Astronomical scientists are focusing their research on the CHEMICAL PROPERTIES of the universal objects. Their intention is to find out the causes for the formation and development of the Universe. Different theories are available about universal formation. Research works are also focused on either to find out the existence of life in other planets or to discover planets that may suit for human living. Astrology alone has answered for all such doubts.

The origin of Astrology is from Indian soil. The astronomical researchers of the ancient period of India who worked on the universal system are known as “SIDDHARS”. They not only discovered the truth about the Super Natural Power but also found reasons for the formation of the Universe. They have concluded that the Eternal Super Natural Power is the source for the formation of the Universe and this power is unique and controlling all the universal objects. This power is influencing even over the smallest object, irrespective of that substance is alive or not. Siddhars had also declared that the boundaries of the universe are unmeasurable and the origin or end period of the universal power could not be determined.

Having disclosed the truth about the Universe, the Siddhars had limited their studies to the solar group of Sun and its planets, especially about earthen system. Their studies were pertaining to the PHYSICAL PROPERTIES of the cosmic rays that are influencing our Earth and Earthen livings. They had studied the planetary system and their movements from Earth. The varying power rays of planets during their transit periods had been observed. They had also studied the aligning nature of planets coming in a line with Earth during transit periods. They had found that there will be conjunction or merger of rays during those periods.

Based on the transit locations and with the knowledge on the physical properties of planets, the siddhars could able to predict the Environmental Changes occurring on the Natural system. They substituted the effects on human to predict the characteristics changes that will be reacted on human life from birth to death period. All their discoveries and findings are recorded as ASTROLOGY. The methods followed by siddhars on Astrological predictions are in a scientific way.

It is discovered that a balanced panchapootha effect can help for the normal functioning of Earth and Earthen livings. Any imbalance effect of them can cause calamities on earthen system. Such findings are also applicable for human life system. The explanatory findings are informed in Astrological Texts and such astrological findings can be classified broadly under two categories.

  1. Planetary powers causing Environmental changes on Earth :

    The Siddhars had studied the physical properties of the Sun and its planets. They found that the cosmic rays of some planets have nearly similar physical properties and some with opposite characteristics. The conjunction or merger effects of the cosmic powers are roots for the changes in earthen environments. The impacts of them are found capable to develop Natural calamities like quakes, Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, fire disasters, war disasters, epidemics etc.

    The Science says that the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligning in a straight line during New Moon, Foll Moon and Eclipse periods. But, there exists a time difference in between eclipse and Full moon or New moon periods. The scientific reasons are not explained, but, it is answered in astrology.

  2. Planetary powers influencing on human life :

    Astrology defines that the Eternal Power is “Constant“ and all other objects of this Universe are “variables”. It says that an object when destroyed will be transformed into another dimensional object. Siddhars had found that the effects of the cosmic rays of Sun and planets are consistently influencing on all particles which includes living creatures and human. They had explained that the theory of “creation, development, and destruction” are common for all creations including living creatures and humans.

    Specific studies on human revealed that the concept of human life is carried by the effects of the three dimensional constituents. These three dimensions are told as “Soul, Mind, and Body“. It is concluded that the human life will be in action as long as the three objects are functioning normally. Failure in any one of the three components pushes the human to inactive death state. Astrology discovered that the power of Sun is the source for the formation and activation of the Soul. Moon, the unique satellite planet of Earth provides power to activate the Mind. The total energies of Sun, Moon and planets are the sources for the creation and growth of the body. It is informed that the Soul and Mind are invisible parts of the visible body.

    The characteristics behaviours of Sun, Moon and other planets on human bodies have been studied and the accelerated characteristics effects of them have been predicted and reported in astrology. A Siddhar by name “Manu” had studied the effects of Moon on human mind and classified the physical behaviour of the human into Four Categories called Four “Varnas”. His discoveries are known as “Manu Shastras”. His findings in latter period is interpreted as “Manu Smriti“.

    The astrology provides guidance for life behaviours of a human, right from the development of organ till death. These have been studied with reference to the planetary location at birth place and at birth time of the human. This system thus developed is known as “Horoscope“. The physical properties of Sun and planets are the determining factors for all prediction methods. The development of chemical properties during conjunction / merger periods of planetary rays are also taken into account in the prediction process.The prediction methods have mathematical and scientific bearing. Detailed explanations are available in the Books. The brief contents of the books are listed below.